Annual KPI Reporting

Soon after the close of each calendar year, we launch the KPI data collection process. The annual KPI review demonstrates where policy and process innovations are paying off and helps leaders to zero in on new opportunities for improvement.

Working with travel department analysts, we collect about 300 data points covering all aspects of travel operations for the previous year. We ensure that data are collected and presented in a consistent way with logical check routines and substantive dialog with your team.

Our summary report focuses on 15 key operational metrics, providing anonymous comparisons with other member companies. A complete data package accompanies the report, allowing your team to develop drill down ad hoc analyses any time the detailed information is needed. Our members tell us that no other benchmarking organization provides the rich analysis about their operation that iTP does.

The KPI report provides answers to these questions as well as specific actions leading to improvement:

  • What portion of our total travel expenditure are we managing?
  • How close are we to getting the lowest logical airfare?
  • What percent of all bookings are made through the online booking tool?
  • What portion of our total hotel bookings are made through our TMC and how much goes through alternative channels?
  • How do all of these vary by region of the globe?
  • What portion of our unused non-refundable airfares are we reclaiming and using?
  • And how do we stack up against comparably sized corporations on each of these key performance dimensions?

Speak with us about how KPI reporting has assisted other Travel Leaders in getting on the innovation path and evaluating their progress over time.

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