Who we serve

We are focused on serving senior staff leaders in complex multinational corporations.

The consortiums are designed to be most valuable to executives in charge of these functions globally. These include SVP’s and VP’s of Global Business Services; Global Travel Leaders responsible for policy, operations and sourcing; and leaders of end-to-end business processes who must make tangible improvement in environments where they rarely own all pieces of the process. Peer-level representation in our conferences ensures that the information shared and received is highly relevant to everybody.

What our clients say:

“These are the best meetings on shared services topics that we attend all year.”

“This group has a level of maturity, comparable program owners with a similar leader mindset and strategic thinking.”

“This is a group that know what they are talking about, have open and honest discussions, and have a genuine interest in helping each other. They aren’t just here for their own benefit… to see only what they can get from it.”

“It’s an opportunity to talk directly to peers who are having the same issues and doing the same things.”

“We can validate what we’re doing or get ideas that keep us in the forefront…I need to be thinking about this now if I want to get X done in 9 months.”

“I joined around 7 years ago to see where we were in managing our program, and to define what we could do better. It’s definitely helped.”

“Meeting content is great. Main thing is that companies are all pretty good at this, mature, with global programs.”

“You can’t replace the value of being face to face. The moderation/ facilitation keeps us all involved and maintains the pace of discussion.”

Source: Client interviews, Winter 2018

Consortium Members