Special Offer for New Members

October, 2022

Travel has been hugely impacted by COVID-19 and the ensuing global economic challenges. During shut down, leaders everywhere were ensuring that travelers were safe and secure. As the world continues to return to travel, we are all dealing with a drastically changed travel landscape even as our businesses seek to understand and create the “new normal.”

Our iTP members have learned from and supported each other through the 2008 financial crash and the transformations wrought by the mobile app revolution and the current COVID-19 recovery.

We are offering an incentive to make these benefits available to as many Travel Leaders as possible.

  • First, we are opening the Quarterly Air Fare comparisons reporting for free to any company with total 2019 employee business travel spending of $75 million or more.
  • In addition, we are offering a discount on the cost of membership for new members – your membership fee will be 1/2 the normal rate during the firat year.

To discuss membership, or the iTP program in more detail, please contact John Pancoast:

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